27 June, 2010


Do you like my new blog make-over?  My daughter Nicole gave it a new look and it only took her minutes to do!!  If  I'd done it, it would have taken me much longer, I assure you! 

I really appreciate Nicole helping me out because I know she's been a bit crazy busy lately. She's heading off on a big adventure on Wednesday 21 July (in 24 short days time, which I know are going to zoom by) on an overseas student exchange, to the little town of Emmetsburg, in the state of Iowa, USA for 6 months. And, as if that isn't long enough, she then goes to Germany for 6 months. We don't know where in Germany at this stage.

To say I'm going to miss her is an understatement, but it's a trip of a lifetime and she'll have a fantastic time. The fact that she's going so far away seems quite surreal and the time until she leaves is going by too fast. There are so many things to do and so little time to do it. So, if I neglect to post as regularly as usual, you'll understand that I've got a very good excuse...Anyway, if you want to learn more about Nicole's exchange - check out her blog here... It makes a good read and gives you a bit more of an insight of where she's going.

And, in case any of you are wondering - no, there isn't a SU! demonstrator in Emmetsburg. I couldn't resist having a peek at their locator. The closest demo is in a town called Rolfe which is 23 miles (37 kms) away. No harm in looking..

Hope you're enjoying your weekend.

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  1. Great job Nicole - enjoy your trip away but don't enjoy it too much & return safe & well


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