27 February, 2011

2011 Earthquake Appeal Fund

I haven't really felt like blogging these last few days after the tragedy of the Christchurch earthquake. I was born in Christchurch and lived there until I was 9 years old. I also visited frequently and completed many courses when I was in the Airforce. It all seems so surreal and is hard to imagine what the people who live there, are going through. Fortunately, the many friends and family I know, all appear to all be safe. Many have lost their homes and possessions, but at least they are alive. 

Thank you to those of you who have already donated money to support those affected. If you haven't, but would like to - here's a link to the  "New Zealand Red Cross 2011 Earthquake Appeal."  All funds will be used towards the New Zealand Red Cross response to the disaster, including transport and provision of goods. As weeks go by, different needs will be identified and Red Cross, there for the long haul with your help, will be meeting them.

Kind thoughts and prayers are with those in Christchurch.

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