22 December, 2011

No Internet...

I haven't had any Internet since last Thursday.  I am, as of ten minutes ago on "dial up" and it is doing my head in already!!  I've currently got over 150 emails coming which will be a long slow process.  I've had bills to pay, emails to answer, a newsletter that I wanted to send out (it might have to be a New Years one now...) and loads of other things to do - which have all had to be put on hold.  Fortunately, I'd scheduled a few posts over the last week, so you've not missed out.  Maybe my subconscious knew something??

There is a very big mystery about my broadband connection (or should I say, lack of it) and it is as though I've been hacked. But my provider assures me that it wouldn't have been possible.  (Between you and me, I'm not convinced...). Anyway, my service was stopped because I had "apparently" signed up with another provider.  They couldn't tell me who the provider was and only had a reference number to go by.  I then, have to ring all these other providers (there are a tonne of them too!!) to find out who I am now with because they haven't actually started up my new connection, and to cancel them and go back to my original provider.  Does that make any sense?  This has all been done without my permission.  Apparently, it is a breach of privacy and they would have had to know many things about me for this to happen.  I must have spent over 7 hours on the telephone since last Thursday trying to rectify it.  It's still not sorted yet, but at least I have dial up and I am very grateful for that.  It has really hit home how much I rely on the Internet nowadays.  A bit scary really. I still have to get to the bottom of it, but I will be able to do so, once I'm down in Palmerston North and have some time to do so.  

I thought you might also like to see the lovely Christmas card that I received from my friend (and a fellow demonstrator) Sally.  This photo doesn't do it justice - it's so much nicer in real life.  Thanks Sally - I love it!

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