03 January, 2010

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I haven't got anything to show and tell at the moment, but I thought I'd take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year filled with lots of good health, love and laughter. Oh, and of course lots of wonderful creative stampin' inspirations too!! 

I've been cleaning out my craft room for the last few days and it's been a mammoth task. It's only a small room with enough space for me, myself and I to work in, but it's better than nothing so I'm not complaining. I've got it how I want finally, but have a whole lot of other craft stuff that have to find space for. Hopefully a big cabinet that will go into the garage will house it all, because I am lothe to part with it...  There's fabric, sewing patterns, magazines, mosaic stuff, patchwork materials, art supplies and lots of other bits and bobs that are bound to come in handy one day.  Who else is guilty of being a bit of a hoarder??


  1. Happy New Year Debbie and also hope you had a good Christmas and got a lot of nice pressies. Yes I am definitely a hoarder too, in fact I'm probably the world's worst!!

  2. Me too!! I feel guilty now Debbie, that I haven't attempted to tame my craft room. Guess what I will be doing this afternoon?! Thanks for the push, hehe


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