01 February, 2010

Getting the cold shoulder!!

This isn't stamping related but I just had to share this with you...

The male member of our family (Oscar, our Shitzu/Pekinese ball of fluff) has had the sulks with me big time!!  I had him neutered last week and boy, have I been in the bad books!!  He really made me suffer and is only now (5 days later) back to his normal happy self.  He's absolutely adorable and I'd held off having him desexed because I thought I'd be inundated with demands to breed from him.  Well, that didn't happen ~ and he was starting to get a tad stroppy with my younger daughter (she's 13 and has been known to get in his face sometimes..) and I was told that this would help curb his attitude.  So, anyway I wasn't rapt with the idea, but the nurse reassured me that I was doing the right thing because it also minimises the risk of prostate cancer.  I was already upset and then afterwards he made me feel like a the biggest meanest mother in the whole world...

Thank goodness he's finally snapped out of it and my happy little chappy is back in full swing with his tail wagging and getting under my feet once again.  I wouldn't have it any other way!!  Here's a little side profile photo of him on Christmas day...

Have a happy day everyone!

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  1. Poor little Oscar, I'm glad he's feeling better, don't spoil him to much.


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