31 March, 2010

Happy Birthday to you...

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday fabulous upline Karen, happy birthday to you!!  You should all be very thankful that you didn't hear me sing that... lol.

This is the card I came up with for Karen, using some new products out of the Autumn/Winter mini catalogue.  It took me quite a while, because there are sooo many yummy new things (and, I haven't even ordered the big shot yet...).  I'm still not 100% happy with the end result of this card and feel that something is missing... maybe an extra layer or some ribbon might have finished it off??  I am pleased however, that I was able to pop it in the post so (hopefully) Karen received it on her special day today.   


  1. Lucky Karen, Beatiful card Debbie

  2. Stunning card - missing nothing - I love it! So busy yesterday (mainly eating) that I didn't have a chance to do any surfing on the net


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