27 March, 2010

Purple Pizzazz!!

I've been out of circulation lately because my modem decided to go on strike. As I'm renting one from my provider (and am really glad I am, since it is only 6 months old) it wasn't a matter of just going out and buying another, but having to go through numerous checks to establish if it was the modem and not the lines, yadda, yadda, yadda... Finally, we received the new one yesterday so that perked me up, no end!   And, to top it  off - my darling daughter took time out from her history project to set it up for me, so that I could continue preparing for the classes I've got on this weekend.  What would I do without you Nicole?? xoxo 

Anyway, back to the task at hand - recently, a girlfriend ask me if I would make her a card like one of my cards that was on my sample board, but in the colour purple.  I thought that she was going to give it to someone, but she clarified that she just wanted the card for herself because she loved the design, the Van Gogh message and purple is her favourite colour.  So, here's to you Vanita - I hope you like it!! 

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  1. I can see why your friend wanted one for herself. Just lovely Deb. I like purple too!


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